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La relatrice speciale delle Nazioni Unite sulla violenza contro le donne, le sue cause e conseguenze, Rashida Manjoo, ha concluso la propria missione in Italia. Ecco un estratto dal suo comunicato ufficiale:

[…] My visit focused broadly on violence against women in four spheres, including the home, the community, violence perpetrated or condoned by the state, and violence in the transnational context. Issues that I looked into include domestic violence; femicide; violence against women who face multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination, including Roma, Sinti and other migrant women; detained women, women with disabilities and transgendered people. Unfortunately, violence against women continues to be a problem in Italy, similar to many other countries in the world. With statistics ranging between 70 and 87%, depending on the source,  domestic violence is the most pervasive form of violence that continues to affect women across the country. The continuum of violence in the home is reflected in the increasing numbers of victims of  femicide. Reported statistics indicate that in 2006, 101 women were killed by a partner, spouse or  former partner and this figure increased to 127 in 2010. Most manifestations of violence are  underreported in a context of a family-oriented and patriarchal society; domestic violence is not  always perceived as a crime; economic dependency; and perceptions that the state response to such  complaints will not be appropriate or helpful. Furthermore, a fragmented legal framework and inadequate investigation, punishment and compensation for women victims of violence, also contributes to the silencing and invisibility surrounding this issue.


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