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The UN commission of inquiry on human rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), established by the Human Rights Council (with resolution 22/13 of  21 March 2013) with the mandate to investigate the systematic, widespread and grave violations of human rights in the DPRK, published its Report on the 17th of February 2014.

The Report found “unspeakable atrocities” including  crimes against humanity such as “extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortions and other sexual violence, persecution on political, religious, racial and gender grounds, the forcible transfer of populations, the enforced disappearance of persons and the inhumane act of knowingly causing prolonged starvation”, highlighting that the “gravity, scale and nature of these violations reveal a State that does not have any parallel in the contemporary world”. The Report called for urgent action by the international community to address the situation in the country, including through a referral to the International Criminal Court.

For more information see press release and the official web page of the Commission of inquiry, with all the relevant documentation, including the Report of the Commission of Inquiry and the Detailed findings of the latter.


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